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MLB uniforms to stay in PA

Labor 411 reports a Home Run for Major League Baseball as the Uniforms will still be Made in Easton, PA

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Apr 19, 2017

As the World Baseball Classic demonstrated, Major League Baseball may continue to branch out internationally and reach markets all over the globe, but the jerseys are all-American. 

Whether your favorite hardballers are the Yanks, the Sox, the Cubbies or the Red Birds, their official uniforms will continue to be made in Easton, Pennsylvania…and only in Pennsylvania. 

That’s good news for the more than 600 employees of Palmer Township who were concerned that the acquisition of Majestic athletic ware  by the spots licensing company Fanatics, Inc. might mean relocation or job loss. Majestic workers are represented by Workers United, part of SEIU

Earlier this week, Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and high ranking executives from Majestic and Fanatics gathered at the Majestic factory in Easton to celebrate the continuing relationship. Last year Major League Baseball announced a deal with Under Armour to take over the manufacturing of uniforms starting in 2020.

From Kurt Bresswein of Lehigh Valley Live:

“Instead of the Majestic mountains insignia on the sleeve, beginning in 2020, the Under Armour interlocking "UA" will appear on the uniforms for all 30 teams and for retail and wholesale sales. But they'll all be made in Palmer Township, Fanatics owner and Executive Chairman Michael Rubin said.

"We bought the business, so Majestic upon closing will be a permanent part of our future," the Fanatics founder said. "This is something that we've worked on over the past year with Pennsylvania and with Majestic. 

"We're really excited to have Majestic become part of our family and help Majestic grow their business to the next level. ... We'll continue to make all the baseball products here and continue to grow the business."

Pennsylvanians took great pride in the fact that locally made uniforms were on display at every major league game. With this acquisition in place, that will continue to be the case. 

Play ball and buy American!

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