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NFLPA Supports Amazon Workers

The NFLPA has released a video telling them we got your back in their organizing effort

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Jan 25, 2021

Beginning in February, workers at the Bessemer, Alabama Amazon warehouse will vote on joining RWDSU. This is the first union election at Amazon since 2014. While the workers are facing an intense anti-union campaign, they are also getting support from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) who recorded a video supporting the workers.

The video, which was released Sunday during the NFL Conference Championships, featured NFLPA President and Cleveland Browns Center JC Tretter, Vice President Lorenzo Alexander, and Vice President and Houston Texans Safety Michael Thomas. All three of the videos had a simple message, applauding the workers for organizing and letting them know the benefits to have a collective bargaining agreement and a voice at work.

“Remember that the NFLPA stands with you,” said Alexander. “I stand with you and I am inspired by your actions. Thank you for all you are doing during this pandemic to keep our economy afloat. You deserve better.”

The 5,800 workers at the Amazon warehouse will be voting by mail throughout February and March. If they vote to join the union, they would be the first union warehouse in the United States in Amazon’s history.

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