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Papa John's Blames NFL Protests for Declining Sales

Instead of blaming their poor business model, Papa John's wage thief CEO blames NFL players standing up to Trump

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Nov 02, 2017

This season the NFL has faced controversy from all sides of the political spectrum as players have been uniting together to kneel against police brutality and the recent attacks from Trump. Now noted NFL advertiser and wage thief Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter is blaming the popular hashtags #nflkneel and #nflboycott on slumping pizza sales at Papa John’s.

UCOMM has previously reported that Papa John’s has a history of stealing their workers’ wages. In 2015, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman came to a deal with the company to pay their workers $2.1 Million in unpaid wages. Later in 2015, Schneiderman was forced to arrest a Papa John’s franchisee for failing to pay wages and then falsifying their records.   

Not only does Schnatter and Papa John’s pad their earnings statements by not paying their employees, they also have a history of whining about why they are not meeting their earnings expectations. In 2013, Schnatter said that his $3 Billion company might need to increase the cost of their pizza if the Affordable Care Act was not repealed. He also threatened to cut workers’ hours so that his franchisees wouldn’t have to pay for health insurance.

Now Schnatter is blaming player activism, instead of their bad pizza, for decreasing sales. In a Wednesday earnings call, Schnatter blamed NFL leadership for failing to stop NFL players from kneeling during the National Anthem. His attack on NFL players was meant to cover up the fact that the earnings report showed pizza sales growing 50% slower than expected.

The NFL has faced protests this year from activists who were protesting Colin Kaepernick not getting signed by a team due to his political stances and by conservatives who are boycotting over players kneeling during the National Anthem. This controversy was further stirred up when Trump went on a rampage calling the players SOB’s.

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