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Tom Morello

This Strikesgiving Hold the Line

Tom Morello (feat grandson) releases new music video in support of striking workers

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by Guest Post on
Nov 12, 2021

I’m Tom Morello. I write songs because I want to change the world and fight injustice.

That’s what people on the picket line are doing every day...changing the world.

Right now, thousands of workers are on the picket line. Across health care, manufacturing, teaching, mining & food services...people all over the country are going on strike and fighting for change.

Join a strike to fight for workers’ rights and help workers hold the line.

Killed on the John Deere Picket Line

Boycott Kellogg's Cereal

Veterans Arrested at Mineworkers Strike

I wrote “Hold the Line” with my new friend, grandson, for every single person kicking ass and holding the line.

For those of you out there risking it all for a better future...we are with you! I encourage everyone else to join a strike near you and give these workers the support they deserve.

Join the fight for workers’ rights and change the world.

In Solidarity,

Brother Tom Morello

American Federation of Musicians Local 47

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