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Dropkick Murphys - Take 'Em Down
by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 27, 2017

Organized Labor's Rock Band

Last week, one of organized labor’s favorite bands, the Dropkick Murphy’s, held a concert exclusively for union members in Ohio. The concert, called Union Night, was held as...

by Brian Young | on Feb 17, 2017

The Day without Immigrants

Yesterday, thousands of immigrants took to the streets and walked out of work and school to protest Trump’s immigration policies including a ban on refugees, a ban of travelers from 7 Muslim...

by Press and Media | on Feb 06, 2017

Every member leaves with a pre existing condition

Yesterday, millions of people around the world watched the Super Bowl.  The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) Executive Director DeMaurice Smith used the opportunity to go on Face the Nation to...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 03, 2017

What you buy for Super Sunday Matters

So the Super Bowl is this Sunday. If you’re a Packer Fan like me, your still kinda bummed, but if you're a Football fan like most American's, Sunday is a big day. It doesn't hurt to...

by Kate Hogan | on Jan 20, 2017

It's Karma Baby!

There are quite a few people that oppose the inauguration of Trump. Organizations, groups and performers have used their voice to flat out refuse to participate in the once historic and honorable...

Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith Jr.: WCB Highlights (HBO Boxing)
by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 19, 2016

Organized Labor's Cinderella Man

On Saturday, December 17, Joe “The Beast” Smith Jr. fought former multi-class champion Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins in Hopkins final fight.  After eight rounds,...

by Guest Post | on Dec 12, 2016

Before the Players Union

Before baseball players had a Players Union, salaries were low and most players needed second and third jobs to pay the bills. Thanks to the union, the players were able to sign a collective...

by Press and Media | on Dec 07, 2016

Joe Smith Jr. The Union Laborers Champ!

Joe Smith Jr. found boxing in a very familiar manner. As a 13-year-old growing up in Shirley on the South Shore of Long Island, Smith was the oldest of seven brothers and one sister, and wasn’t...

by Brian Young | on Dec 05, 2016

The Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association

George St Pierre and Cain Velasquez are two of the biggest Pay Per View fighters that the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) have.  They have headlined major promotions, Velasquez was part of the...

by Brian Young | on Dec 02, 2016

Labor Peace on the Diamond

The game must go on.  For the last 21 years, that has been the mantra of Major League Baseball in preventing labor strife.  Over the last two decades, everyone has recieved a piece of the...