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Deduct Your Union Dues at Tax Time

NY will allow union dues to be deducted from state taxes after Trump stopped the deduction on federal taxes

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by AFL-CIO on
Jan 24, 2019

As a result of the legislation passed and signed into law in April 2017, union members in the state of New York will have the opportunity to deduct their union dues from their state income taxes.

Two years ago, the New York State AFL-CIO, with support from unions across the state, led the charge for this legislation.  And, we were successful.

Beginning this year, union members will be able to deduct their union dues from their state taxes if they itemize deductions on their state taxes.  It is important to point out that tax payers can now itemize deductions on their state taxes even if they don’t itemize on their federal taxes.

These deductions will put an estimated $35 million back into the pockets of union members like you throughout our state.

By working together we can accomplish great things. Stay tuned to the New York State AFL-CIO for more opportunities to support legislative issues that will benefit working men and women in New York.


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