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How supporting carbon free nuclear allows us to have our cake and eat it too

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Jun 01, 2017

There is a common misconception that nuclear power is bad for the environment. Yes, if you really look you can find emotional hippies that say isotope waste will eventually leak into the ground water and give fish a third eye, but Matt Groening’s Simpsons aren’t as popular as they used to be.  The fact is that when you create power using nuclear technology it produces almost zero carbon emissions.  Other carbon free renewable sources are gaining popularity. Even though the idiot in chief and all of the morons that made him president believe that pulling out of the Paris Climate Deal (which is the dumbest frigging idea ever), most Americans know that investments in solar and wind is the wave of the future for both energy production and job creation.

Each state in the union has different energy standards. UCOMM has reported in the past that in poorer southern right to work states pollution and labor abuses are rampant, like the story The South; The New China? Some governors have shown that they are willing to sacrifice their environment for the creation of a low wage non-union job. Click here for a report from MSNBC on the impact a dirty coal plant is having on a local community and what the highest polluting states are. (Hint many are Southern states and all are right to work.) Other governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo are making great strides in both protecting good union jobs and protecting the environment for generations to come.  It was no easy task, but somehow New York created a Clean Energy Standard (CES).  New York’s CES awards tax credits to energy producers who produce zero carbon emissions. 

Included in the CES is Nuclear Power. It is estimated in New York over 25,000 people are employed by Nuclear Power producers, but like ignorant Trump supporters, environmentalist have their facts mixed up when it comes to nuclear. Drunk with pride and ambitions some enviros think that nuclear is bad for the environment for a myriad of dumb reasons. Let’s be honest, nuclear cooling towers aren’t exactly the prettiest and the carbon free steam that it creates is scary looking, but facts show that these cooling towers are harmless. That is why there is a campaign taking place right now to educate those lawmakers who represent districts with no nuclear footprint to back off removing nuclear from New York’s CES. The drive of extremely economically privileged environmentalist in certain regions of New York will inevitably ensure that 25,000 New Yorkers no longer have a job. In addition, if nuclear is removed from New York’s CES the state will be forced to import coal power from bordering states with low environmental standards.

We here at UCOMM appreciate and respect our environmental brethren, but we are not willing to close down communities over a nonfactual and passionate argument. Nuclear power is safe plain and simple. If you agree we encourage you to visit and make your voice heard because when it comes to protecting the environment and having good union jobs New York’s CES is proof that we can have  out cake and eat it too.

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