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Fighting Paycheck Deception in PA

PA AFL-CIO urging union families to take on the far-right and their corporate backers

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Nov 30, 2017

Extremists in the State House could pass anti-worker, Paycheck "Protection" legislation NEXT WEEK.

Before Thanksgiving, the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee passed TWO anti-worker, Paycheck "Protection" bills. What far-right lobbyists and legislators call Paycheck "Protection" has nothing to do with protecting workers' paychecks. It’s an attack on our first amendment rights in the interest of corporate greed. Union members' payroll deductions are voluntary, and cost the Commonwealth nothing.

Stop by your State Rep's Local Office and tell them to Vote NO on Paycheck "Protection".

Find their Local District Address and Phone Number Here.

Paycheck "Protection” legislation is supported by far-right, special interest groups and corporate backers, like ALEC and the Koch brothers. These Bills, Senate Bill 166 and House Bill 1174, are designed to sound harmless, but they jeopardize your union, and pave the way for more anti-worker, pro-greed policies like “right to work”.

Call Your State Representative at 1-844-284-9249 to reach their Harrisburg Office.  

Tell them to vote NO on Paycheck "Protection".

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