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Governor Cuomo Calls for a Total Boycott of NY1

The statement comes just two days after the NYC Mayor cancelled his weekly appearance on the show in support of striking Local 3 IBEW members

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Oct 17, 2018

If you live in the Empire State and you even loosely follow politics, you know that Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio don't get along.

The union workforce at Spectrum, represented by the world famous Local 3 IBEW, has been on strike for almost two years. Their cause is right and just. They are on strike to protect their pensions and health care and no one can shame them for that.

It's ironic that a strike of this magnitude can bring people together. Whether it's the workforce that has been manning picket lines for months all the way up to the two men, who although in the same political party, can't seem to get along. This strike has brought them together against a common enemy.

What Governor Cuomo has said below makes a lot of sense. Elected officials who go onto NY1, the news station that Charter/Spectrum uses to entice people to use their substandard service, have little to no respect for the Rule of Law. The government in NY has said that Charter/Spectrum and NY1 have been ripping off the public for too long.

For any elected official to go on NY1 means a few things. One- they have no respect for the citizenry who they are entrusted to protect and two, they have no respect for themselves. Thank you, Governor Cuomo, for taking a stand. -Kris LaGrange

Read the press release from Governor Cuomo below and click here to read about Mayor de Blasio canceling his appearances on NY1.

"In 2016, the Public Service Commission granted Charter Spectrum a lucrative franchise to operate in this state. That PSC approval was expressly conditioned on certain representations made by Charter Spectrum. Those representations included maintaining the skilled workforce and bringing high speed internet to unserved and underserved communities. The company has not lived up to their representations and the PSC has been engaged in a protracted process to revoke their franchise.

"I have publicly stated my opposition to and outrage at Charter's conduct on numerous occasions. I applaud Mayor de Blasio for boycotting the network and encourage other officials to do the same. Consumers must be made aware of the abuses of Charter Spectrum, which the network has conspicuously failed to report on any of its broadcasts. Consumer pressure will affect Charter's bottom line, which is obviously their only concern."

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