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Let Uber Drivers Join a Union

New York is considering a bill to allow gig workers to have a collective bargaining agreement

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by AFL-CIO on
Jun 18, 2019
Workers in the on-demand, or "gig," economy are denied basic rights that all other employees receive, simply because their work originates from a phone "app." App companies exploit this loophole to deny their workers the right to join a union and a host of other benefits the rest of us take for granted.
You can change that! The New York State Legislature has introduced a new bill to give gig workers the right to collective bargaining and basic labor protections.
Text Gig to 877877 now to be connected with your legislators.

Tell them to support A8343 Crespo/S6538 Savino and give gig economy workers the right to collective bargaining!

Two workers performing the same tasks, one who gets his or her assignment through an "app" and the other who works for a traditional employer, should not be treated differently under the law.

Call 1-888-701-7499 to be connected to your legislators!


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