Mayor Mike Sucks.

Kris LaGrange's picture
Jan 18, 2013

Mayor Mike Sucks. The NYS AFL-CIO released a statement about the NYC School Bus Strike, it reads: "Once again, the Mayor has failed New York City school children. First, he threw the lives of children and their parents in turmoil through his unwillingness to include critical safeguards in school bus bids, and now as the teacher evaluation agreement falls apart, he is costing City schools millions of dollars in desperately needed aid. The Mayor is displaying a shocking inability to lead, and children are paying the price. As much as he may try to distance himself from the strike or compare teachers to the NRA in order to distract from his failures, the simple truth is New York City voters elected him to get things done, and clearly he is not delivering." Watch this video on and text SAFETY1ST to 878787 to stay in the loop on this issue.

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