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Missouri Rushing the "Race to the Bottom"

In an unprecedented move, Missouri GOP pushes Right-to-Work onto Primary Ballot

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May 14, 2018

Since February 2017, unions in Missouri have been fighting the implementation of Right to Work in the state. After the bill was signed by Governor Eric Greitens, unions from across the state launched a petition drive to stop the implementation of the law and to put the decision to a popular vote in November, making the bill to repeal Right-to-Work Proposition A. Worried that they will lose, Right to Work supporters are now fast-tracking legislation to move the vote to the August Primary.

The push to move the date of the vote started after a campaign to get a pro Right-to-Work question on the ballot failed to get enough signatures by the May 6th deadline. With only two weeks left in the legislative session, Republicans began fast-tracking the bill to move the vote and another bill that would add Right-to-Work to the state constitution. Early Friday morning, Republican’s in the Senate broke a filibuster and approved the move. Within a couple of hours, Republicans in the House approved the constitutional amendment. Now the bills will switch Houses and be voted on by Friday at 5:00 PM. Both bills are expected to pass and be signed by Governor Greitens.

Supporters of labor say that the move is intended to reduce the number of people who vote on Proposition A. Typically fewer people vote in the primary, especially with it being in August. More Democrats are also expected to vote in November as Democratic Senator Claire Mccaskill will be on the ballot. Finally, primary voters also tend to be at the more extreme end of the political spectrum, meaning that Republicans voting in the primary will be more conservative than the ones who might cast a ballot in November.

Democrats allege that the Governor has pumped $500,000 into the Right-to-Work campaign to get it fast-tracked. Greitens is also facing felony charges for threating to release nonconsensual photos of his mistress.

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