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Mommy, can I join the union?

Senate Republicans in Texas look to take out young union grocers

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Apr 11, 2017

Texas has never been the most union friendly state, but a new proposed law may just be overkill. Minors in Texas may soon need to get parental consent to join a union after the bill passed the State Senate on Monday.  How ridiculous!

The bill, which passed the Senate in a party line vote, would require minors who work at a union shop to gain parental approval before they can sign a union card.  Since Texas is a Right to Work (for Less) state, all new employees have to decide whether to opt in to the union and pay dues or opt out and freeload off of the work their co-workers do.  While Republicans say that this is giving parents the power over their children’s economic decisions, parental consent is not needed for the person to get a job or negotiate a contract or pay rate with their employer. 

According to United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1000, the bill would cover about 1,500 to 2,000 of their members who work as baggers and clerks at local grocery stores.  They also note that while the law seeks to protect minors from binding contracts, union membership is not a binding agreement for members that are under the age of 18. 

It is clear what Texas is trying to do.  They aren’t trying to protect young people, they are blatantly making unions harder to exist.

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