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New Hampshire still bargaining freely!

Right to Work (for Less) is killed 200-177, now it’s time to send Gov. Sununu packing

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Feb 16, 2017

Right to work has failed to enter into the Northeast.  Today members of the Republican controlled New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly against a proposal to make the state Right to Work (for Less).

As UCOMM previously reported over and over again, the bill was in peril after the it only passed the Senate by 1 vote and was not recommended by the labor committee. While the vote was expected to be close, more Republicans than expected voted with the working people of New Hampshire and opposed the bill. It failed by a vote of 200-177.

According to multiple reports, Republican leaders including Governor Chris Sununu spent the week trying to strong arm members into voting for the bill, including telling them that if they voted against it they would not have state party support in their re-election bids.  Some reports even said that leaders where worried that Republican members would not make the vote due to a large snowstorm that hit. 

I guess this just proves that God, old man winter and Jack Frost are against Right to Work.

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