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NY Con Con: 10 Reasons to Vote No

New Yorkers will head to the polls to vote on a Constitutional Convention, here is why they should vote No

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Jul 07, 2017

This year, New York voters will go to the polls to vote on whether or not New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. The state constitution requires that every 20 years the voters of the Empire State decide whether or not to open the entire constitution up for a rewrite.  For many groups, this could mean losing hard fought protections.  UCOMM previously reported about a coalition coming together to oppose the constitutional convention.  Now, here are 10 reasons why New York should vote No on a convention.

  1. It is a waste of money. The convention is projected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars in tax payer money and there is no guarantee that the convention will yield a constitution that the voters approve.
  2. It is a waste of Legislative time.  The last time a convention was convened many of the delegates were elected officials, who instead of doing their jobs, were taking part in this tax payer funded party.  Instead legislators can amend the constitution during the normal session by passing an amendment in two consecutive sessions and then putting it before the voters.  In 2013 five amendments were ratified this way and another three were in 2014.
  3. Albany Insiders will be running the show.  It will just be more of the same like it is during the legislative session.  If Albany can’t pass ethics reform during a normal session, why would they put it in the state constitution?
  4. It threatens the protection of Seniors.
  5. It threatens the protection of nursing home residents.
  6. It threatens absentee voters’ rights
  7. It threatens workers compensation rights
  8. It threatens prevailing wage laws
  9. It threatens our wild forest land
  10. Free public education is at risk

A constitutional convention will allow all state protections to be taken away.  Laws protecting workers, seniors, and even the right to a free public education could be taken out of the state constitution.  That is why groups from across the political spectrum are uniting to oppose a Consitutional Convention.  Above is a graphic that we encourage everyone to share on social media. Also check out a video that UCOMM did explaining the convention in further detail and what you can do to stop it.

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