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Cynthia Nixon

NY Guv Candidate: Let Public Unions Strike

Cynthia Nixon has released her plan to overhaul New York's Taylor law and allow public employees to go on strike

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Aug 08, 2018

With just a few weeks left before the NY gubernatorial primary, challenger Cynthia Nixon has released her platform for creating a fairer economy. We have decided to highlight one section in particular that deals with unions. In the piece below, written by Nixon, she takes the bold step of saying that if she is elected she will repeal the restriction on public sector union striking. Read more of her platform below.

Cynthia has been a proud union member for over four decades. She believes it is in all working people’s interest in New York to support the work that unions do on behalf of their members. As Governor, Cynthia will resist federal, right-to-work attacks on organized labor by amending Taylor Law to allow public sector workers the right to strike and support organizing drives for larger and stronger unions and protect union jobs from abusive non-union contractors. As public sector workers across the country are under attack, Cynthia does not support undermining workers’ wages and benefits, unlike Governor Cuomo who added a Tier VI to the state pension system and reduced benefits for newly hired state and local public workers.  
Cynthia will support stronger workplace health, safety, and workers rights enforcement, mandatory apprenticeship on public-funded job sites, and increased fines for employers with worker death and injury on the job.     
In the last year, over 30 workers have died on construction jobs in New York City alone.  Cynthia supports the expansion of real apprenticeship programs, especially on state-funded construction jobs. Union-run apprenticeship programs create a pipeline to career-track jobs and address workplace safety concerns by ensuring that all workers on construction sites are adequately prepared for the dangers of the site.    

Cynthia also supports new models for recognition, respect, and representation for all domestic workers and independent contractors. Too many workers still face burdens in coming together to build worker power and express a unified worker voice. Cynthia will partner with domestic workers, independent contractors, and other historically excluded workers to pursue new solutions for dignity and respect.   

Cynthia also supports universal just cause legislation to ensure that no worker is unfairly fired or disciplined by their employer. While common in other countries, a long history of anti-unionism in the United States has led to inaction on this issue. Most workers in the United States are employed at-will. Universal just cause legislation would provide additional protections for workers by requiring employers to give notice of termination and provide just cause.     

Cynthia also supports the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act. The Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act will establish nurse to patient ratios by unit . It would mean that no nurse can be assigned responsibility for more patients than he or she can adequately manage at any given time. 

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