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Public Enemy No. 1

With his cholesterol at an all time high, the nations chubbiest and most embarrassing Governor needs to go

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Mar 16, 2016

During a political campaign, candidates are often MIA from their day jobs.  When you are the sitting Governor of a state these stories usually get amplified.  You have to make tough choices between governing from afar and going back home, deciding what events you go to as a Governor and which you go to as part of your campaign.  For New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, he has been making all the wrong decisions. 

Criticism of Christie first came when New Jersey was socked with a record snow storm and record flooding on the Jersey shore.  While Christie returned from New Hampshire, where he was campaigning in the lead up to the state first in the nation primary, for the snowstorm he left right after the snow stopped falling.  He came under criticism for that decision as much of the state hadn’t yet shoveled out from the storm and some counties were still dealing with flooding that was described as the worst since Superstorm Sandy.  When he was asked about his decision to go back to campaigning he said “I don’t know what you expect me to do. You want me to go down there with a mop?”

Christie continued to come under criticism for not being there during the negotiations to a possible NJ Transit strike.  Instead of being in the state to plan for a strike that would have shut down much of North Jersey, he said that he was going to go on vacation to celebrate his wedding anniversary.

Now Christie is facing criticism for skipping a Police Officers funeral to campaign with Donald Trump.  The funeral was for State Trooper Sean Cullen, who died after being hit by a car while responding to a car fire on March 7th.  "We are focused on honoring our fallen brother today, and quite frankly we did not expect someone who has consistently shown disdain for law enforcement to pay his respects to the Cullen and State Police family," said Chris Burgos, president of the State Trooper Fraternal Association.

Burgos added that the governor's "decision-making is clearly predicated on selfish political opportunism, that much is clear."

This is the third police funeral that Christie has missed thanks to the campaign.  He also failed to attend funerals for Port Authority Police Officer Eamonn Mautone in January and State Police Trooper Eli McCarson in December, both coming when Christie was still a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

“I will say, as respectfully as I can considering we are burying a brother in blue today, I am not surprised whatsoever,” New Jersey State Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan wrote in a text message to an NJ Advance Media reporter.

For Christie the criticism has gotten so bad that 6 of the major papers in New Jersey have written editorials calling for him to resign due to his in ability to stay in the state and govern.  

He has been sued by public employees in the state and has refused to make the states required payment into the state pension fund.  Instead he proposed cutting $250 million from the fund.   Christie has also made statements that he would like to punch the teachers’ union in the face and called unions “political thugs.”  On second thought, maybe it is a good thing that Christie is staying away from New Jersey.

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