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Puerto Rico Restores Collective Bargaining Rights for 9-1-1 Operators

The CWA members have fought since 2014 to restore their right to bargain

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Nov 21, 2019

After more than a year of intensive lobbying and solidarity from CWA Local 3010 members, the Puerto Rico Senate and House unanimously approved bipartisan legislation supported by CWA which will protect public 9-1-1 funds and restore CWA members' collective bargaining that has been suspended since 2014.

"CWA is proud of this achievement. Since 2017, our 9-1-1 dispatcher and administrative personnel have suffered the consequences of the fiscal crisis. This law will restore collective bargaining rights and wages, while making sure that 9-1-1 funds will be used exclusively to handle call emergencies, in accordance with federal law and regulations," said Aramis Cruz, CWA Local 3010 President.

The law, now awaiting the signature of Governor Wanda Vazquez, was created in response to a funding crisis that 9-1-1 in Puerto Rico has been experiencing that has led to an increase in response time, a massive personnel shortage, and has placed lives and property of those who live in or visit Puerto Rico in danger. The bill will guarantee that 9-1-1 centers in Puerto Rico are properly funded.

"Now CWA members will fight to make sure the governor understands the importance of this measure and signs it promptly," said Cruz.

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