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Scott Walker Trails by Double Digits in Latest Poll

Recent polls indicate that Wisconsin voters are tired of Walker's attacks on collective bargaining and tax giveaways for the rich

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Jul 31, 2018

With less than 100 days to go before the 2018 midterm elections, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is not looking likely to return to Madison.

The two-term Governor, who made his name by passing a number of anti-union pieces of legislation that made the state Right to Work, is currently trailing in the polls. This week an Emerson College poll showed Walker trailing by 7 points and an NBC/Marist poll shows him losing by 13 points. Both polls pitted him against the likely Democratic nominee Tony Evers. What is most astonishing is that Evers still needs to win a primary on August 14th against 7 other candidates, meaning that his support could increase further as Democrats unite behind a nominee.

Evers started his career as a schoolteacher before becoming a principal, district administrator, and deputy state superintendent. In 2009 he was elected Superintendent of State Instruction. He is running on the promise to repeal Act 10 which brought Right to Work to Wisconsin and severely curtailed or eliminated public employees right to collectively bargain.

Walker is trying to get some of that support back by touting his education record, touting the effect of Act 10 and the billions of dollars in taxpayer money that he spent to bring Foxconn to the state. Of course, the reality is that Walker cut school budgets by some of the largest amounts in state history, failed to create anywhere near the amount of jobs he promised when he first ran for office, reduced teachers salaries so low that the best ones decided to leave the state, and gave billions to a Chinese company with a history of failing to deliver on their job promises. Recent polling showed that over 50% of Wisconsin voters think the state is paying more than Foxconn will deliver and 58% believe the project won’t help their business.

While Walker trailing is a good sign, he has survived two elections and a recall so unions and Wisconsin voters can’t take anything for granted between now and November.

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