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Teachers Strike Continues in West Virginia

A statewide teachers strike has entered its 7th day as the State Senate fails to pass a new contract

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Mar 02, 2018

Schools in West Virginia are once again closed after lawmakers in the state failed to get the votes needed to pass a new contract that would have ended the week-long strike.

It appeared earlier in the week that a deal had been reached between the teachers union and the state legislature. The proposed deal would have given a 5% raise to 20,000 teachers. The deal was proposed by Governor Jim Justice, but it must be approved by the House of Delegates and Senate.

With a tentative deal in place, teachers were urged to go back into the classrooms, but they refused, saying they would not end the strike until the deal became official. That ended up being a smart decision as the State Senate rejected a vote to approve the deal. Instead, they sent it to committee. That committee is not scheduled to meet this week, meaning that the strike will continue.

Teachers union leaders vowed that they will get back to work if the Senate can pass the contract. However, it looks unlikely that it will happen before Monday, meaning another day of closed schools in West Virginia.

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