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Using Social Media to Defeat the Con Con

NYSUT is harnessing the power of their members' social media feeds to defeat the New York Constitutional Convention

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Oct 11, 2017

On November 7th voters in New York will go to the polls to decide on whether or not to hold a Constitutional Convention. UCOMM has previously covered the dangerous implications of a convention. This has caused unions in New York State to vehemently oppose the convention. With less than a month to go until the vote, unions like the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) are using social media to get the word out to Vote No.

Over the last few months, NYSUT has been working hard to educate their members about the dangers of a Constitutional Convention. They have been holding meetings across the state to talk to their members about why they need to Vote No. NYSUT has also been encouraging their members to put up yard signs and stick magnets on their cars to remind people to Vote No. But just getting NYSUT members to Vote No is not enough. There simply are not enough members in the state.

To do this NYSUT needs to get the word out to the friends and family of their teachers. What better way than to use social media. They have created informational videos and ads, shareable memes, and pictures of local teachers opposing the convention. Now, they are launching a campaign called “Frame the debate.” This campaign is asking everyone who is opposed to the Constitutional Convention to “frame” their social network profile picture with an overlay that says they are Voting No. You can add a frame here.

Campaigns like this are great, free ways for unions to get their messages out and add a personal touch. A union like NYSUT has hundreds of thousands of members on Facebook who can now turn their profile pictures into digital billboards. These members’ photos will reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions. The profile picture also serves as a constant reminder to their members that on November 7th, they need to go out and Vote No.

To help educate union members in New York about the extremely dangerous Constitutional Convention, UCOMM produced a short informational video. Below you can watch it, learn more about the convention and then share it on your social networks. Also, be sure to subscribe to our for more informational videos on the Union movement.

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