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VA Gov: No Action to Repeal Right to Work

The Governor affirmed union fears that he will block a repeal

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Nov 25, 2019

In an epic betrayal of working people’s trust, Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has admitted to betraying the people who worked to give his party control of the State Senate and the House of Delegates.

As UCOMM previously reported, Democrats in Virginia recently gained control over all three branches of government. Many unions worked hard on the election with the promise that if Democrats won, they would repeal the state's 70+-year-old right to work law. However, just days after the election, rumblings began to come out of Richmond that Democratic legislators were not so keen to anger corporate bosses and were thinking of slow-rolling the right to work repeal.

On Monday, Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam confirmed this fear. At a meeting of the Revenue Advisory Council, also known as GACRE, Northam said: “I can’t see Virginia taking actions to repeal right-to-work.” He went on to reassure the business leaders that under his leadership Virginia will not take a hard leftward turn on the issue. Northam was flanked at the meeting by Republican leaders and Dominion Energy’s CEO.

Delegate Chris Jones, a Republican who chairs the Appropriations Committee told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “It was a very good move to reassure the engine that’s driving our economy.”

While it looks like Democrats will attempt to block a repeal movement and that Northam certainly doesn’t want to sign it, Delegate Lee Carter said on Twitter that he will introduce the bill to repeal right to work. He has introduced the bill in previous years, but it has never made it out of the Republican-controlled committee. Unfortunately, it looks like the Democratic leadership are just more of the same anti-worker, anti-union politicians.

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