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by Press and Media | on Dec 14, 2018

Walmart and Target Selling Poisonous Toys

The New York Attorney General is suing Walmart, Target and LaRose Industries for selling wristbands to kids that had lead levels significantly higher than allowed. Read more from the AP.

by Press and Media | on Aug 14, 2018

Target Workers Seek Union Vote

Target is one of the largest non-union employers in the country, but a UFCW Local in New York is trying to change that by organizing a store on Long Island. Read more from the Long Island Business...

by Brian Young | on Sep 26, 2017

Retail Adjusting to the Market

Over the last few years, the Fight for $15 campaign has fought for low-wage workers to get a raise. While some states like New York and California are on track to increase their minimum wages to $15/...

by Kate Hogan | on Sep 08, 2016

Made in South Carolina, China

When we see red, white, and blue packaging, we get excited. Americans are more likely to pay more for Made in the USA products because we feel that it is helping the country. We want to bring jobs...

by Daniel Hinton | on Sep 17, 2015

Target Pharmacists Vote Yes to Union

For the first time in the company's 113-year history, Target pharmacy employees in Brooklyn have voted to organize a labor union. According to a filing from the NLRB, a small group of pharmacists...

by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 06, 2013

LIBN Column: Our great American shame

The early numbers are in: Americans spent approximately $12.3 billion on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.The two-day numbers weren’t as big as some retailers expected, given that many companies...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jun 16, 2011

Target Are Mo Fo's

LIBN recently reported: Store officials have showed workers a video that warned them to "think hard" before signing any cards or petitions. Tashawna Green, a Valley Stream Target worker...

by Kris LaGrange | on May 22, 2011

Big News on Target!

Yep that's right, workers at Target in Valley Stream Long Island are going to a vote in June to organize their union with UFCW Local 1500. If successful, other stores will be doing the same. So...