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News From: Teamsters

by Brian Young | on Jan 19, 2021

Police Arrest 5 Striking Workers

A strike at the largest produce market in the world, Hunts Point Market, turned ugly after five picketers were arrested early Tuesday morning. According to the union, police showed up in riot gear...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 13, 2021

Organized Labor Built Vaccine Facilities

Across the country, states are rushing to rollout the COVID vaccine. As cases are spiking it has become more important than ever to get the vaccine produced and distributed as quickly as possible....

by Guest Post | on Dec 23, 2020

A Community Thanks their Local Teamster

This post was written by the NYTeamsters on Instagram. UPS drivers are appreciated by their customers in cities and towns across the country, but a community in Virginia wanted to express that...

by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 14, 2020

Teamsters Deliver First COVID-19 Vaccines

Following the FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, a national race was on to deliver the vaccine to hospitals and health care clinics so that frontline workers could begin getting...

by Press and Media | on Dec 10, 2020

Man Arrested after Bomb Threat at Teamsters Union Hall

A Teamsters local in Spokane, Washington had to deal with a bomb threat today after a crazed Trump supporter attempted to blow up the local Democratic office, which is located within the Teamsters...

by Brian Young | on Dec 07, 2020

Pandemic Demonstrates Need for Unions

Even with a preventable pandemic raging, workers are continuing to organize. From Washington D.C. to Guam, working people are demanding a voice at work. Here are a few recent organizing wins. At...

by Brian Young | on Aug 24, 2020

Successful Union Organizing Drives

With the National Labor Relations Board now open to conduct union elections, union organizing wins are happening at a rapid pace. From San Francisco to Pittsburgh to Macon Georgia, workers are...

by AFL-CIO | on Aug 12, 2020

Teamsters Strike in Kentucky

This post was written by the Kentucky AFL-CIO. Teamsters Local 89 members employed at DSI Tunneling went on strike at 3:30 AM this morning, following a unanimous strike vote conducted Monday...

by Brian Young | on Jul 20, 2020

A Strike for Black Lives

Thousands of essential workers took part in a Strike for Black Lives on Monday, walking off the job for eight minutes and 46 seconds to honor George Floyd.

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 17, 2020

Podcast: Scandals at MLB & UAW, change in Colorado, West VA.

MLB is coming down hard on managers involved in a sign-stealing scheme. LaGrange argues with Will C about whether this is the progression of the game or just a repeat of the Black Sox scandal. West...