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by Labor 411 | on Oct 03, 2019

Steel Mill in Louisiana Latest Casualty of Trump Tariffs

Louisiana is the latest state to see a steel mill close due to President Donald Trump’s tariffs.

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 05, 2019

Connecting Trump to El Paso Mass Shooting

Just days after one of the deadliest weekend’s in recent times, more is coming to light about the shooters involved in Saturday/Sunday’s mass shootings. One thing that is becoming clear...

by Press and Media | on Jun 26, 2019

Waiter at Aviary Spits on a Trump

The right is up in arms after a server at an upscale restaurant in Chicago spat on Eric Trump. We wanted to share this to show you the faux outrage that is fueling those on the right to support Trump...

by Press and Media | on Mar 29, 2019

Trump's Scared Schiff-less

Now that the Mueller investigation is over, Trump and his cronies in the Republican Party are turning their eyes to Congressman Adam Schiff, the man who is leading the Congressional investigation...

by Brian Young | on Mar 21, 2019

Trump Blames GM Plant Closure on Union Dues

Trump’s continuing war on unions brought him to Lima Ohio on Wednesday. During his speech at the last tank manufacturer in the United States, Trump started to give his two cents about why...

by Guest Post | on Jan 29, 2019

Trump Busts Another Federal Union

The following post was written by the IBEW Media Center. A little-known federal agency charged with protecting the right of government workers to organize is refusing to recognize its own union.

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 21, 2019

The Children of Parents who Hate

When his buddies were forced or agreed, to go on a trip to Washington DC to protest a woman’s reproductive rights, it was probably over a girl - but who can blame him? We were all...

by Brian Young | on Nov 19, 2018

No Job Growth for Trump Voters

Whenever Trump talks about the economy, he points to two things that indicate that the economy is going strong: record low unemployment and the rising stock market. While the low unemployment is good...

by Press and Media | on Nov 05, 2018

NBC Airs Blatantly Racist Ad

Yesterday NBC ran the following Trump ad in Primetime that was so racist a number of TV stations have refused to air it. It is so bad we have to link to Twitter for you to see it: CNN refused...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 26, 2018

We Need to Pay Closer Attention

We often write stories that do well. In January 2018 we wrote about Trump trying to take away federal pensions. A sad but true story that delivered over 180,000 reads. Then last week, we wrote a...