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by Brian Young | on Aug 16, 2021

Unions Leave Consumer Groups over Amazon Ties

Three major unions have announced that they will be leaving the National Consumers League (NCL), the nation’s largest consumer advocacy organization. They say that they are resigning...

by Brian Young | on Aug 09, 2021

Biden Refuses to Invite Tesla to White House

Last week, President Joe Biden invited representatives from the largest American automakers to the White House for the signing of an Executive Order (EO) setting a goal of having 50% of new cars sold...

by Brian Young | on Jun 14, 2021

Union Vote at Nissan

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has authorized a union election at a Nissan plant in Tennessee that includes nearly 4,300 workers. The election is the latest attempt for unions to gain a...

by Press and Media | on Jun 09, 2021

Volvo Workers Back on Strike

Volvo Truck workers are back on strike after rejecting the company's latest offer. Find out more about their months-long fight below from the AP.

by Brian Young | on Apr 14, 2021

Which Unions Won or Lost in 2020

2020 was a tough year for workers. Work moved out of the office and into people’s homes, there was record unemployment especially in the travel industry, and some workers were put on the...

by Brian Young | on Dec 07, 2020

Pandemic Demonstrates Need for Unions

Even with a preventable pandemic raging, workers are continuing to organize. From Washington D.C. to Guam, working people are demanding a voice at work. Here are a few recent organizing wins. At...

by Brian Young | on Nov 17, 2020

Biden to CEO's: I'm a Union Guy

Ushering in a new climate in the White House, President-elect Joe Biden met with union officials and CEO’s on Monday to discuss plans for the economy and what steps need to be taken to help...

by Brian Young | on Nov 06, 2020

Union Organizing Wins in Texas, Tennessee, Virginia

Every week more and more workers begin the process of joining a union and giving themselves a voice at work. Across the country, these successful organizing efforts are continuing even with an anti-...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 08, 2020

Companies Step Up to Save America

In times of crisis, American companies are sometimes asked to step up and help. During World War II, auto companies began producing tanks and during natural disasters, Budweiser cans water instead of...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 18, 2020

How Unions are Bargaining Coronavirus Protections

With coronavirus spreading throughout the world, workers in a number of industries have faced uncertain futures. Sports leagues have been canceled, and jobs have shut down. However, for some union...