News From: UFC

by Adam Giladi | on Oct 16, 2015

UFC Champ Calls For Fighters Union

The executives over at UFC aren't gonna like the latest comments posed by fighter Jose Aldo. Aldo, UFC's lineal featherweight champion, recently expressed his support for a formal fighter...

by Brian Young | on Sep 10, 2015

The UFC is Unionbusting

After the Teamsters Union and the Culinary Union announced last month that they had been asked by UFC fighters to help organize, the UFC is responding with two letters of its own.  In a letter...

by Brian Young | on Aug 09, 2015

Ass Kickin Union

Rhonda Rousey could soon be a Teamster.  Fighters within the premier Mixed Martial Arts federation, the UFC, are in talks with Teamster Local 986 and the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, to...