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by birchy82 | on Mar 20, 2017

Keep the record keeper!

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 17, 2017

When I marched a union leader to jail

I remember it like it was yesterday, it was the Bush Years, every article in every paper in the United States seemed like they were against unions, and I was part of a staff of hopefuls trying to...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 16, 2017

How good is your organizing page?

We do many things at UCOMM; writing and editing, professional emails, bulk texts, we coordinate messaging campaigns, create and produce ads, conduct media outreach, manage social networks, offer...

by Workers Indepen... | on Mar 16, 2017

Starvation Wages

"The strike is an overwhelming success at this point by way of building the union, building a sense of community. It's just a very good day for the labor movement at this point."...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 16, 2017

How low are your Union Dues?

Union dues are essential to keeping a union strong.  They pay for needed services like training elected union representatives on how to enforce and bargain fair contracts; union dues keep the...

by Guest Post | on Mar 15, 2017

Big Union Win in Vegas

Yesterday, Station Casinos agreed to a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which made Palace Station its second hotel-casino in Las Vegas to be unionized, with its workers now...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 14, 2017

PLA's in Trouble in Texas

Across the country, Project Labor Agreements are under attack.  UCOMM recently covered attempts to repeal Project Labor Agreement (PLA’s) requirements in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and even...

by birchy82 | on Mar 14, 2017

Uber Hates the Teamsters

Readers of UCOMM will know that Uber is a pretty bad company.  Earlier in the year, thousands deleted their Uber apps after the company tried to break a taxi strike in New York City.  Now...

by AFL-CIO | on Mar 14, 2017

Altice Cable Organized in New Jersey

Organizing efforts are off to a strong start in New Jersey this year. The latest victory comes from IBEW Local 827 which welcomed 100 new members to our union family from Altice cable in Oakland, New...

by birchy82 | on Mar 13, 2017

Union Speaks Out on Court Melee

As the story broke that Trump is going to cut the Federal workforce by 10%, except in departments that are politically advantageous to his bigoted obsessions like the Border Patrol, a story broke...

by Brian Young | on Mar 13, 2017

Trump Privatizing Union Jobs

Once again the federal budget is due and Trump, along with the Republican Congress have presented a budget that has union members in the federal government worried that they will see massive layoffs...