by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 09, 2018

Did the Carpenters Sell Out #CountMeIn?

New York City Building and Construction trade members have made a stand against greedy developers who seek to undercut their jobs. At Hudson Yards, a massive development just west of Penn Station,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 07, 2018

Trump Changes Law to Allow Use of Russian Asbestos

Every year tens of thousands of American’s die from asbestos related diseases. The asbestos was used in building materials for decades before it was banned in most countries for causing...

by Brian Young | on Aug 07, 2018

Collective Bargaining Under Attack in Federal Court

Following the Janus decision, anti-union groups are figuring out the next round of cases to file to weaken public sector unions. In Minnesota, they have filed a case challenging a union's...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 06, 2018

Rally for Cage-Free Children

Children are being ripped apart from their mothers and fathers only to be kept in cages like livestock. Their parents forcibly removed from the country and sent back to their gang ridden village in...

by AFL-CIO | on Aug 01, 2018

Workers Win Around the Country

Our latest roundup of worker wins begins with a breakthrough contract for Spanish-speaking performers at Telemundo and includes numerous examples of working people organizing,...

by Guest Post | on Jul 30, 2018

Stop the FCC's Dangerous Job Killing Plan

CWA members are fighting hard to stop a dangerous Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal that endangers workers and could send CWA members' work to unskilled, untrained, low-wage...

by Brian Young | on Jul 30, 2018

Trump Permitting Workplace Accident Coverups

Late Friday, Trump continued his war against regulations at the Labor Department and OSHA. This time, he made it easier for big companies to hide accidents and injuries that happen on the job.

by Brian Young | on Jul 27, 2018

40% Raises for Disneyland Castmembers

Employees at the happiest place on Earth have a reason to smile today. That’s because Disneyland and their union, Master Services Council, have come to terms on a contract that will provide...

by Brian Young | on Jul 23, 2018

Mark Janus Quits Job to Lower Public Employees Wages

It was just a few weeks ago that Mark Janus won the right to stop paying agency fees and to get the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement for free. The decision, Janus v AFSCME, brought right...

by Guest Post | on Jul 19, 2018

How a Work Stoppage Works

Today, Verizon workers represented by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) announced a tentative agreement on a four year...