A focus on organizing

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by Don Daley on
Sep 19, 2013

A failure to organize can only lead to declining union strength, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our industry.  Where we have maintained control of the skilled labor force through organizing, our local unions have stayed competitive. But when market share shrinks, unions see their bargaining strength decline. As a result, some unions have had to endure stagnant wages and benefits.  
We know that our members are best served by an aggressive organizing team.  But that requires a supportive and active rank and file membership.   Local 1049 members can always be counted on to meet the challenges we are faced with. With the assistance of the Local  1049 Organizing Committee, I am committed to organizing all workers in our jurisdiction and I ask for your continued support and enthusiasm. 
I invite all Local 1049 members to help our union grow.  If you know someone working in our industry who is not a union member and would like to improve their lives, contact either your Business Representative or myself at the union office.  I will meet with the workers to help them win a voice on their job.  Whether that person is performing environmental remediation work, electric and gas utility work, clerical, call center, mark-out, electric generation or any other type of work in our jurisdiction, they can benefit from belonging to our Union.  - Bill O'Leary

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