Running the union option: The Northwestern college football team is currently in talks for union representation

Kris LaGrange's picture
Apr 11, 2014

 The Northwestern college football team is currently in talks for union representation.  With the help of the National College Players Association (NCPA), the team has filled out union representation cards with the United Steel Workers and filed an election with the NLRB. A vote will be held on Apr. 25th for official representation by NCPA.

Here the the game behind the game.  Northwestern university football players have agreed to form a union under the notion that they are employees and not just athletes as per their extracurricular activities revolving around their sport. The NLRB ruled that the players' position is confirmed and that they are eligible to be considered employees under state and federal law. Northwestern University will appeal the ruling on whether or not players are in fact eligible to become a union.  Starting Quarterback Trevor Siemian opposes unionizing - "I don't think that's the direction we need to go in." Trevor is a douchebag and no one likes him. The Vote is to be held on Apr. 25th in which 76 players are set to vote on unionizing and being represented by the College Athletic Players Association or CAPA. The 1% is working their hardest to make sure they vote no. According to the College Football Assistance Fund, over 20,000 injuries occur from college football each year.

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