The IBEW turned out at least 20,000 members

Don Daley's picture
by Don Daley on
Aug 17, 2012

 Many of whom work for utility companies in the Northeast just like us. I want to commend our membership for going, remember in today's political climate it is imperative to make our presence known. And for those of you who did not make the trip - there will be other opportunities so please make every effort to participate. The footage of the rally will be broadcast on Sunday, September 2nd on  UCOMM Radio, in which I was interviewed along with Union Steward Neil Jackson and Senior Business Representative Pat Guidice. It was an amazing event and I am extremely proud of all the members, the Local 1049 Business Staff, Officers, Executive Board and a united labor movement for coming together to send the message to both political parties that our values must be addressed in order for this country to prosper. All the headlines across the country hit the nail on the head; union members are the middle class, and to demonize us is wrong. The eyes of those who want to destroy labor unions will be watching as we turn out to the polls in this November's election, so when our Governmental Affairs Committee calls you - listen up so you get the facts! Anti-Union Corporate groups will spend whatever it takes to buy this election. All that these groups need to win this election is for us to stay home and not get out and vote. Brothers and sisters, please support those candidates that support our right to bargain collectively.  The best sign at the rally said this; "GM Alive, Bin Laden Dead, Enough Said." Once again good work to all who went and represented our union.    

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