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Hundreds of Us Marched and Rallied!

Rollando Scott's picture
Apr 08, 2011

At 4.30 on April 4, there were six of us at Cadman Plaza Park and two of the people were our cameraman. At 4.40 pm there were thirty of us and then the crowd started to build by the minute and before you knew it, there was 300 members assembled in a line heading toward the Brooklyn Bridge. We were not alone though as we were joined by other Unions, the AFL-CIO, and a group of Union Electricians from Norway. As we headed up the walking path of the Brooklyn Bridge, I could see another large group in Red waiting for us. Chants of "CWA" could be heard and when we reached them we were ecstatic to be greeted by another 100 of our members!. As we continued across the bridge, I had goose bumps as cars crossing the bridge were beeping their horns, and yelling words of encouragement. Pedestrians crossing the bridge were thanking us for standing up for the middle class. Many took pictures of us, some asked to be in the picture, and a few even asked to walk with us -and they did. When we reached the first Suspension Tower we paused for a moment and I had a chance to look back. I could see that our coalition grew so big that it extended all the way back to Tillary Street in Brooklyn. News helicopters hovered above us as we continued our march towards Wall Street. Our members spontaneously started Union chants and everyone was full of pride. When we got off the bridge, we were met by someone from the Police Department who safely led us to the rally. We joined thousands of our brothers and sisters from all over the city. It was invigorating listening to the speeches, and knowing that it was organized by CWA. All in all, it was a great night and I know the members of 1109 understand what is at stake. We are ready to fight

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