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Wal-Mart Hates Mehler

Kris LaGrange's picture
Jun 07, 2013

A new Wal-Mart is coming to Long Guy Land, so that means its time to gather your pitchforks. This Friday June 7th at 12 noon several unions and community leaders are planning to protest the opening of a new store in Levittown at 3335 Hempstead Turnpike. Protesters are calling for the creation of good union jobs and standing in solidarity with other Wal-Mart workers performing job actions all over the country this week. This Wal-Mart is opening on the same site union shop Walbaums closed just last year, replacing good union jobs with indentured servitude; furthering the decay of Western society as we know it. So be there and join the fight. Bring signs, whistles, hazmat gear...whatever. But be sure to look out for UCOMM Intern Kevin Mehler who will be gathering video and audio for UCOMM Radio.  

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