Newsday & 3rd District Youth Caucus

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by Don Daley on
Jul 24, 2013

I am happy to announce that this Friday, thousands will see an ad in the Newsday Storm Preparedness Guide starring IBEW 1049 titled "You Can Count on Us." Much effort went into the production of this ad and below is a sneak peak. I would also like to invite Local 1049 members age 35 or younger to join the IBEW Third District Youth Caucus. Many troubling issues face young workers in these times; which coincide with the challenges facing the trade union movement in general. High rates of unemployment for young workers, immense student loan debt, and tough inroads into the job market all make it a bleak state for young workers. As has been the case in the last 150 years, unionized labor works to improve the state of all workers - young, old, union and nonunion. The IBEW 3rd District Youth Caucus has been tasked by our forward-thinking IBEW leadership to start the conversation to grow the labor movement. The Youth Caucus will highlight labor education, community involvement, social media, and the connections of workers throughout the IBEW 3rd District to hopefully open eyes to the benefits of Union Labor. The Mission Statement:

  • To engage younger members of the IBEW. To instill the values and further the ideals of the IBEW.
  • To acknowledge the IBEW's past and present leaders and learn from them.
  • To work with the union leadership to encourage action & participation by the younger members of the IBEW.
  • To encourage the younger members of the IBEW to take an active role in the labor movement.
  • To increase an understanding of the labor movement & foster a more positive perception of labor in our communities.
  • To promote the knowledge needed to face the challenges of the labor movement in today's world.

This Youth Caucus is a work in progress and if successful, we will be sending select active members to Atlantic City this September for the Third District Progress Meeting. Please contact the union office at (631) 234-1800 or email Patrick Guidice at to express interest and to sign-up.

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