Our existence is to be honored this Labor Day

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Aug 28, 2013

End of the summer, back to school, last minute shopping and annoying KIA car commercials. Our neighbors may be unaware of the 36 things unions have done to improve our lives and Labor Day's true meaning can be lost in the mix as we rush around this weekend spending money. So to do our part, our union is running a radio ad on the stations listed below reminding the community of Labor Day's true meaning. As our radio ad states, unions have won rights we all take for granted like health benefits, vacations, the minimum wage and the weekend just to name a few. Unions also battle corporate greed and we say in the ad that they too can join the fight! We end the ad with "Make sure you make Labor Day's true meaning the topic of conversation around your family BBQ and remember - without unions there are no weekends and there is no Labor Day." Visit http://cwa1104.com/HappyLaborDay2013 to hear the ad and read up on the history of Labor Day.

As a local we have been through so much this past year, and the challenges will not go away. But I am inspired, and I hope you are too, that thousands of working poor at fast food joints across the country are performing union-style job actions. I would like to think that in a way, we have inspired them. Instead of complaining that they have low wages and awful working conditions, they are fighting to improve them. How many of us walked into a union job at Verizon? How may of us don't attend meetings, rallies or Labor Walks? We've got it pretty good if we look at what other workers don't have. If you give it just a little perspective, then the little things that bother you really are little things. Our brothers and sisters at CWA 1109 in Brooklyn are in a fight with not just CEO James Dolan, but with an entire cable industry.

Those Cablevision workers want what we have and they are willing to fight for it. The kids flipping burgers at McDonalds want what we have and they are willing to fight for it. The question is; are we leading by example? Will you promote the theory and concept of unions around you family barbeque? Will you inspire your non-union friends and family to stand up and fight? A little food for thought to go over your grill. I am extremely proud of this union, and I love our Local Union like I love my family. I hope that when it's time to speak up and defend unions this Labor Day weekend, the hardworking men and women of CWA Local 1104 are wearing their red shirts and are ready and willing to defend the great American equalizer which is organized labor. God bless you all and enjoy this fine American holiday.

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