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Protest Wal-mart

Kris LaGrange's picture
Jul 12, 2013

Unions and activists were planning on protesting the opening of a crappy Wal-Mart supermarket in Levittown, NY. When Wal-Mart heard of their plans, they announced a "permit delay" in the grand opening. But then at the last minute, they went ahead with the planned opening of the store. But UCOMM Radio sponsors UFCW 1500 & RWDSU 338 found out that Walmart had sneakily scheduled their Grand Opening today - Friday July 12th. Dozens of activists still made it out to let Walmart know that we will not support their greedy ways; and to let Wal-Mart workers know that we are here to support them. Tune into UCOMM Radio this Sunday to hear how Wal-Mart treats women with dependent children.

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