Transco proposal will create 38,000 direct and indirect jobs for New Yorkers

Mike Malek's picture
by Mike Malek on
Aug 06, 2012

The clear choice for top priority in the Energy Highway proposals is the NY Transco submissions. The deliverables from these projects epitomize the goals and objectives outlined in the RFI: Create Jobs and opportunities for New Yorkers: The $2.9 billion NY Transco proposal will create 38,000 direct and indirect jobs for New Yorkers with a total economic impact of $7 billion. Thousands of additional New York power generation jobs will be created, particularly for renewable energy projects currently uneconomical due to transmission congestion. Further, re-powering existing generators already connected to the grid in communities currently facing significant threats of job and tax losses will be realized most cost effectively through an upgrade of the existing system. Addressing an aging transmission system: All New Yorkers are dependent on the existing system and taking advantage of existing rights of way will ease or virtually eliminate environmental impacts while addressing safety and system reliability concerns for millions of New Yorkers. Reduce constraints and assure long term reliability of the electric system: The existing system was designed for franchise areas and not for the long distance delivery of power. The result of deregulation led to transmission companies no longer concerned about power generation and power generators totally dependent of the disenfranchised transmission owners. The Energy Highway process addresses this challenge head on and should conclude that the NY Transco proposal delivers the most cost effective solution to this decades old problem that additionally delivers superior job and economic impact for all New Yorkers. 

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