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Your role: protect America

Don Dunn's picture
by Don Dunn on
Jul 02, 2013

A special 4th of July Message from President Don Dunn.

Fourth of July let's not forget the true national spirit of courage, integrity, sacrifice, liberty and independence that our country has fought for. As we celebrate our freedom with family, friends and neighbors this holiday weekend, let us not forget to thank all those who have served this great country and be mindful of our neighbors who have loved ones serving overseas. As members of the Communications Workers of America, we practice what the 4th of July preaches everyday. Rally's phone calls, lobbying; its what we do to protect not just our industry, but the theory and concept of democracy. By making calls to the US Senate to confirm the NLRB appointments, we participate in the democratic process. That participation is vital to our nations health, and it's what Independence Day is all about. So enjoy the 4th of July and please remember to be responsible and always take pride in our nation and your role as a union member to protect it. God Bless our union, the troops overseas and God Bless America.

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