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Real Wages For Real People

Kris LaGrange's picture
Mar 29, 2013

A $9 an hour minimum wage is one step closer to reality after a deal was reached last week by New York's top leaders. Part of the 2013-14 budget includes a plan to boost the wage to $9 an hour over the next three years by the end of 2015. This agreement includes tax breaks proposed by Republicans to offset larger payroll costs and a tax credit for every teen worker. These increases won't mirror inflation and will still be subject to lawmakers' approval, but offer a light at the end of the tunnel for many workers. Between tax cuts and wage increase more workers will be able to reenter the workforce and increase economic spending.  Union leaders and executives alike gathered at a press event on Long Island to celebrate the planned wage increases that will greatly help the 32,000 LI workers making only $7.25 an hour on current minimum wage.


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