9/11: An American Requiem

George Bloom's picture
Sep 10, 2011

Special Message from President George Bloom: Ten Years Later and we have not forgotten. As Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Stony Brook University WTC Treatment Center, I am more than pleased to inform you all that 60 Minutes is broadcasting a show this Sunday dedicated to those who have paid the ultimate price as well as the first responders who responded in the hopes of rescuing some survivors. In the aftermath of 9/11, many of these first responders paid the ultimate sacrifice while many others are gravely ill. Because of the need for treatment of thousands of workers who came forward with rare occupational illnesses - the WTC Treatment Centers were created. This CBS 60 Minutes Special Edition will highlight the work of Dr. Ben Luft, the Principle Investigator for the Stony Brook Center along with his Chief Administrator Melody Guerrera who worked with many first responders. Ben and Melody will talk about these American Heroes and their stories and what the future holds for them. Do not miss this heart warming documentary. It airs this Sunday at 7:00 PM on CBS.

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