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Message from the Business Manager

Steve Flanagan's picture
Jun 22, 2011

Negotiations is never an easy time for us. We are currently negotiating with six employer association groups - and two associations that accept the terms of the six larger associations. The challenge is that we are working to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that will last at least 3 years with raises and benefits that help with the increased cost of living; gas, milk, rent, etc. While at the same time we need to let our contractors remain competitive on the bidding process. Our members of course want and expect large increases our contractors want a 3 year wage freeze! After 2 months of many negotiation sessions, it is all coming down to the final week. This leads us into the next topic: Activism! The members must get more active if we are going to move ahead and maintain our market share with the wages and benefits that we have enjoyed for 67 years here at this local union. I regret to inform you that there is a great possibility we may be striking more than one association. At the end of the day - we expect to win... and we will win! On August 1st - Nassau County will be having a vote on the upcoming new Nassau Coliseum project. We usually bargain for our work, this huge job is unique. We actually get to vote on it and partner with our friends in the community. So if you think that sitting home and not volunteering in our political operations is going to put this local union to work for the next 3-5 years, you are gravely mistaking. Other projects coming up: Urban America in Hempstead, the Glen Cove redevelopment project and of course, the Wolkoff job in Brentwood. All of these projects, although they will not come to a public vote like the new Nassau coliseum - will still require us to pack rooms. Opportunity is knocking, so answer the door local 66 and GET INVOLVED

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