The One Constant is You

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Dec 09, 2011

An important message from Business Manager Robert Shand: This will be the last time I address the membership as Business Manager of IBEW Local Union 1049. I announced my decision to retire as of January 1, 2012 to the Executive Board at the normally scheduled meeting on December 6th. While these types of decisions are never easy, I know in my heart my time is done and the Local is in great hands moving forward. The Executive Board, as per the IBEW Constitution unanimously appointed Assistant Business Manager Donald Daley to become Business Manager as of January 1, 2012. The Executive Board had the full support of the Officers, my entire Staff and without hesitation or reservation, me. Most of you know Don is IBEW all the way. His Dad was an IBEW Business Manager for many years, Don has already served as President and was serving as Business Manager of IBEW Local Union 1381 when he and I amalgamated the locals. Don's credentials in the IBEW, local labor organizations and throughout the state, local and federal political arena are unimpeachable. While serving as an IBEW Steward, Executive Board Member, Vice President, President and Business Manager for 20 years of his 30 years with the IBEW, Don has an extensive background in collective bargaining, contract negotiations and arbitrations. While serving as Assistant Business Manager of Local 1049 for the last four years, Don has been involved in every aspect of the Local's business and his guidance and council has been a real asset to me and my team. Most importantly his character, values and work ethic make him not only my choice to lead but identify him as one of the finest men I have ever worked with. As for me, my 38 years as a member of the local, in particular as a full time member of the Union Staff has been a time I am very grateful for. I want to thank you all for allowing me this opportunity. There have been so many changes in the utility business, our life here with LILCO and its successors, the one constant has been the people I have represented, worked for and worked with, you are the product of these 38 years, no one has ever been more richly rewarded. I wish you prosperity, I wish you health and I wish you joy in all your years ahead. Fraternally yours, Robert Shand Business Manager

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