Don't Ever Buy News Corp's NYPost

Kris LaGrange's picture
Dec 07, 2012

But just in case you did you may have read the article about CWA 1109 protesting outside an event at the Hard Rock Cafe at a fundraising event that Cablevision CEO J. Dolan was having. In typical fashion the Post ran a factually untrue anti-union article. The truth is CWA 1109 did not disrupt event in any way shape or form. 1109 had a band from Local 802 musician's Union playing Christmas Carols and 1109 handed out flyer describing the good work of the Lustgarten Foundation while pointing out Cable's record of greed and worker intimidation. Cablevision uses this awful disease and exploits its victims to put themselves in a positive light, and it's sad that innocent people are used as a PR tool while while Jimmy Dolan hides behind them. So UCOMM Radio sent a nasty email to the writer -, and asked him to come onto the show and explain himself. So take a wild guess whose not going to be on the show next Sunday. Cowards.

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