Rallying at the Capitol

Mia Jorgenson's picture
Mar 30, 2012

On March 5, hundreds of students and their supporters from around New York State converged on the state capitol. GSEU and other university labor leaders were there, including leadership from CUNY's Professional Staff Congress. We didn't just rally -- we also led and attended teach-ins and 33 brave undergraduate students, GSEU members, faculty, and supporters sat-in in front of Governor Cuomo's office, demanding to speak directly with the governor. Instead of coming to meet us, the governor chose to arrest the 33, for doing nothing less than sitting down and asking for their voices to be heard. Together, we pointed to a lack of state funding as central to issues facing us as both instructors and students, and to the state of New York in the present and in the future. Press around the state and the nation was overwhelmingly supportive, and we left the capitol feeling a sense of accomplishment. Graduate students and their allies are building momentum to defend funding for SUNY and better education for all.

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