Big Boy Bargaining

George Bloom's picture
Jun 22, 2011

Message from President George Bloom: The Regional Bargaining Team will kick off bargaining with Verizon on Wednesday June 22nd for perhaps the most difficult bargaining we have ever had with this employer. Ivan Seidenberg is quoted as saying this time we are going to do "big boy bargaining"! Well Ivan, you have never been a big boy you are just like most CEO's in America - a GREEDY PIG! You want to reduce our 300 page contract to 12 pages while taking away our medical insurance, pension, and job security. Ivan you forget we built this company with little help or no help from you. It should also be pointed out that the successful Verizon Wireless Company was built entirely from funds from the CORE COMPANY, when are they going to pay us back? CWA members have taken $2 or $3 dollar a week raises to keep our medical but Ivan doesn't remember that he was too busy setting up IRA's to shelter his millions. Basically our message is Verizon is no different than all the other major corporations in America, they want to get rich off of our labor and when their done with us they will throw us away. Well we refuse to let that happen and we will fight to our last breath to make sure we get our fair share. We will fight as one, for our benefits, job security, elimination of contractors, and increases in our pension, 401k, and wages. If Verizon wants a fight they came to the right place, I ask all of our sisters and bothers out their to make sure that you managers know what our intentions are, and that we will do what ever is necessary to win a fair contract with no give backs. Verizon made $24.3 BILLION DOLLARS last year and paid no federal income tax. You tell me who should give back!

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