Big Day Tomorrow!

George Bloom's picture
Aug 07, 2011

George Bloom Speaking: I'm sure everyone knows that we pulled the plug on Verizon because they have refused to bargain at all since June 18. The corporation that makes billions of dollars a year on our back has chosen to test the strength of its employees and their union. I have personally seen how strong the lines are and how angry the members are about the lack of respect Verizon has shown them. The union has put the company on notice that if they wish to take a significant amount of over 100 ridiculous demands off the table and get down to real bargaining we will go back to work and the bargaining table. All members are expected to report for picket duty and let Verizon know it's on. We will take it to the street for as long as it takes to bring these Corporate Pigs to their senses. Watch for SCABS doing our work and go to the corporate wireless stores and break their chops. We'll see you on the picket line.

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