Come walk the picket line for JUSTICE!

Brian Schneck's picture
Jul 14, 2011

VW Manhattan, 55th & 11th Ave Monday, July 18th - 12 noon to 1 pm Our brothers have been fighting for a fair first contract with the boss at VW Manhattan. The boss, Michael Morais, has chosen to become an arrogant and unresponsive individual which is disallowing the Union from completing its bargain. This behavior is unacceptable! Therefore, we are requesting your participation along with all the members from your shop and walk the picket line for justice on sidewalk in front of VW Manhattan - 55th and 11th Avenue on Monday, July 18th between 12 and 1pm. This boss needs to know that if he chooses fight with our brothers at VW Manhattan, than he will have to FIGHT ALL OF US TOGETHER and that is a fight that he will not win. Divided we beg / United we bargain!


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