Strike Information

George Bloom's picture
Aug 06, 2011

George Bloom Speaking: We met briefly with the full bargaining team, the CWA and the IBEW with Verizon this morning. The company is taunting us with their refusal to remove any of their demands from the table. Once again these greedy corporate pigs demand givebacks that span 50 years of our history. They have no sense of integrity with the many joint efforts that helped them make millions of dollars of profits over the years. To those who disbelieve, enjoy your overtime because they want it back. Enjoy your differential - they want it back. Enjoy your eleven holidays - they want four back. Enjoy your double time they want it back. And yes they still want their half days for Christmas back. And don't forget your pensions will be frozen. Stand up, fight back! Tell 'em to stick their proposals. Your union is ready to bargain, we need the company to join us. The Bargaining Team greatly appreciates the support we have seen from the members and the retirees. Keep up the good fight! We will see where we are at - at midnight. Keep in touch with this tape for further updates."

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