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Aug 25, 2011

As you are aware by now, the residents of Nassau County spoke loud and clear on August 1st that NO new Coliseum will be built any time soon. Sadly, thousands of workers whose job depends on the Coliseum remaining opening will now be faced with job loss and thousands of unemployed union construction workers are denied the opportunity to work. It's our opinion that this is a bad deal for all the stake holders - Workers, Nassau residents and the Long Island Region. The campaign took place during a very volatile period of time beginning with the month of July when nobody is paying attention too much, the extreme political discord in Washington DC involving the debt ceiling debate and the incompetency of the Nassau County Government. But, what really brought the doom of the campaign was the failed message from Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano along with the Republicans and Democrats confusing voters with lies and misrepresentations. All of the political players in Nassau County should be ashamed of their behavior and once again because of their failures to lead, the residents of Nassau County and Union Workers got screwed! As such, the Long Island Federation of Labor has made the decision to not endorse or support any incumbent elected official in Nassau County other than Denise Ford (R) and David Denenberg (D) whom both were helpful to our cause. Further, the Federation has voted to endorse and support the challengers to John Ciotti (R), Dennis Dunne, Sr. (R), and Joseph Belesi (R). For a complete listing of all of the Long Island endorsements for this election cycle please go to our web site on the political action page.

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