Show the elected officials what we are made of!

Mike Malek's picture
by Mike Malek on
Oct 01, 2012

Message from Mike Malek, Chair:

Now is the time for us to show the elected officials what we are made of. As the lines in the sand have been drawn and the endorsement lists are being finalized, we as union leaders have to communicate to our members whom to support at the polls and we have to mobilize our activists to get out and volunteer. We have plenty of resources at our disposal, and I want to give special recognition to Ellen Redmond for getting this information together for us. In every corner of the State there is a critical campaign, so please go above and beyond and participate - because everyone is watching. Good work to all of you who made the trip to Buffalo for the Senator Maziarz fundraiser. He was pleased with the turnout and the outcome. On Tuesday October 30th, we will be hosting a fundraiser for Assemblyman Cahill, so lets all come out again and give Cahill the support he needs. Details on that fundraiser will be distributed soon. During the next couple of weeks, please send myself and Kris LaGrange some photos of your members volunteering for political campaigns. These are the images that elected officials must see when going to our website. They have to know that when we say we are going to support someone - that we put boots to the ground and do what we say. You can find helpful information on Labor Walks across New York State on our Political Action page of

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